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North York Central Libarary

Part of the $200M North York City Centre, the North York Central Library currently houses 250,000 volumes with room for an additional 150,000. Library facilities include: Seven-storey atrium, Auditorium, Study booths and meeting rooms, Administrative offices, North York Memorial Hall and a Parking garage.

The Library is designed as a cheerful stimulating environment that would attract patrons to the world of books. An area for teens, featuring juke boxes with headphones, is a place for meeting friends and socializing as well as for learning about books. The toddlers' area is designed as a castle with appropriately-scaled furnishings and brightly coloured signs.

A straightforward and easy organization ensures that the Library is non-intimidating. Information centres for each department are located in the middle of floors to be readily accessible. Furniture at the information centres is eye-catching and energetic.

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