Aga Khan Park

The Aga Khan Park is a 6.8-hectare site housing the Aga Khan Museum (designed with Maki and Associates) and the Ismaili Centre (designed with Charles Correa Associates) and features four hectares of public gardens, offering a serene and contemplative space. The design seamlessly integrates the two distinct buildings, with two spacious areas on either side of an orchard for gatherings and events, serving as an extension of the buildings’ programs. Every element in the garden evokes delicate sensations, combining ephemeral and eternal aspects through shadows, light, petals, leaves, and flowing water.

The park functions as a sanctuary for wildlife, creating a harmonious natural environment, with select native plants attracting birds and butterflies. It adapts to Toronto’s climate, with careful consideration given to water usage in the gardens. Solid granite basin walls were chosen over translucent cast acrylic elements to ensure both reliability and year-round visual appeal.

“The Park brings its own unique style and its own atmosphere to this beautiful corner of the city. This is a true 21st-century space, one that’s steeped in history but that speaks to our modern vision of a global, inclusive, and peaceful society.”
– Kathleen Wynn, Former Premier of Ontario

Project completed with Landscape Architect Vladimir Djurovic and MT Planners

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