An Evening at the De La Salle College President’s Dinner

Moriyama Teshima Architects team members Carol Phillips, Cathy McMahon, and Luis Quezada attended the De La Salle College President’s Dinner last evening, during which the MTA designed new addition to their campus, the Student Life Centre, was presented.

This renovation and addition to the existing arena building responds to the urgent need for a central hub where students can gather and engage in diverse activities, while also creating a gateway to campus for faculty, staff, students, and visitors arriving at the college. The concept includes both new programming as well as the relocation of some existing programming, and will include a new student commons, gymnasium, and fitness rooms, creating a dynamic centre of activity on campus.

The design team was honoured to attend this special event and to have the opportunity to discuss this exciting project that will enhance the student experience at De La Salle College.

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