Canadian Library Month

As we reach the end of October, we want to commemorate Canadian Library Month – a time to raise awareness of the valuable role libraries play in the lives of people, young and old!

MTA has designed a number of prominent libraries throughout the province, including the Toronto Reference Library, the North York Central Library, and the Ottawa Public Library Beaverbrook Brand (pictured). These buildings, and others like them, are custodians of our culture and history,  housing rare and historical texts, manuscripts, and documents; preserving archives for future generations. These buildings are also hubs for local events, exhibitions, and workshops, fostering a sense of community and providing a space for social interaction. It has been rewarding to witness the invaluable services offered at these and other community-driven facilities, promoting and strengthening literacy.

Libraries are, and will remain, indispensable in our pursuit of knowledge and the enrichment of our lives.

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