CarbonPositive: Can We Halve Carbon in the Built Environment?

Kelly Alvarez Doran, Senior Director of Sustainability and Regenerative design at MASS Design Group and senior fellow of Architecture 2030, his team at the Ha/f Research Studio at the University of Toronto, and other contributors, have completed this consequential, informative study, entitled “CarbonPositive: Can We Halve Carbon in the Built Environment?”. The article linked below highlights the ways that architects, building scientists, and technologists can make impactful changes in their practice resulting in substantial reductions in carbon emissions.

“How do we half the greenhouse gas emissions of the GTHA’s building stock this decade?”

Kelly states:
“… we began answering this complex question by establishing a deeper understanding of the current state of residential construction to first answer “half of what?” The results of this research has been published nationally and has led to working directly with the City of Toronto to establish embodied carbon benchmarks for future Part 3 construction.”

Carol Phillips, Phil Silverstein, and Cathy McMahon, leaders in sustainable architecture at Moriyama Teshima Architects, supported this research.


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