Construction Update for the Canadian Port of Entry at the Gordie Howe Border Crossing

Check out this most recent overhead footage capturing the construction site of the Canadian Port of Entry (POE) facilities at the Gordie Howe International Border Crossing in Windsor, Ontario, revealing that progress is well underway.

  • The Main Building is the most advanced and the largest of the 10 forming the POE. The exterior precast panels are fully installed, while the cladding and curtainwall systems are well underway. Interior partitions, including gypsum wall board finish, are past 50% installation on all levels.
  • The Energy Centre and Maintenance Building is also one of the more advanced of the 10, with its exterior precast panels including an art wall complete. The entire roof area construction and finish is also complete, and the Interior partitions and painting are progressing and close to completion.
  • The PIL Pavilion, which centres both East and West Inspection canopy wings, is now underway, as is the canopy metal soffit framing.
  • The Secondary and Tertiary Inspections Building is also very advanced, with its exterior precast panels, curtainwall, and interior partitions complete.
  • The Client Processing Centre exterior precast panels are currently being installed, and with it, would complete the precast panel installation for the site. Interior partitions are well underway.
  • The Toll Services building is beyond 50% completion, with the installation of the precast panels and curtainwall system now complete, and it’s interior partitions progressing well. The canopy structure and deck installation are also complete.
  • The Large Scale Imaging Building and Hazmat Canopy are well underway with their main structural systems.

Moriyama Teshima Architects is the Architect of Record for the Canadian Port of Entry facilities. Once constructed, this will be the largest Canadian port along the Canada-US border, and one of the largest anywhere in North America! Huge thank you to Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA-APWD) for providing us with this incredible video footage.

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