Mass Timber Tipping Point

The Mass Timber Tipping Point is a two-year endeavour led by Pilot Projects Design Collective and Architecture 2030 that involves a collaboration with a select number of North American Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Planning (AECP) firms, with support from the US Forestry Service. The goal is to deeply explore diverse firm experiences with mass timber as an alternative low-carbon and carbon-storing material for commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings in the interest of accelerating uptake.

“As architects, we have an opportunity and responsibility to lead the charge in addressing the climate crisis through our design and actions. We were delighted to engage with Pilot Projects, exchanging insights and expertise on the transformative power of mass timber in championing low-carbon architecture and discussed avenues for even more responsible design and construction practices. This knowledge sharing exemplifies the immense potential we hold to shape a sustainable future through our passion and commitment.”
Ronen Bauer, Moriyama Teshima Architects

Read about their initiative by clicking here.

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