MTA Intern Architect, Cam Penney, Recipient of Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence

A heartfelt congratulations to Cam Penney, Intern Architect at Moriyama Teshima Architects, whose thesis project entitled “Toronto’s Terrestrial Reefs” won the 2023 Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence!

Cameron, a Masters graduate of the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism at Carleton University, conducted interviews with interdisciplinary researchers, explored new areas of material analysis, and pushed boundaries of infrastructure and urban design. The study ingeniously tackles the intersection of architecture and environmental sustainability, as Cameron reimagines urban landscapes with an innovative and eco-conscious approach.

Be sure to delve into his visionary findings by exploring the in-depth article featured in Canadian Architect magazine’s December Issue, which sheds light on the project’s unique design elements, highlighting the careful consideration of ecological impact and community engagement.

Please join us in applauding Cam’s hard work!

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