Raymond Moriyama – Sustainability, Connection to Nature, and Wellness

Raymond Moriyama founded MTA in 1958 with the health and wellbeing of our planet as its ideological cornerstone. Long before sustainability became a buzzword in the industry, Raymond set a commendable example amongst his peers through his commitment to sensitive environmental design. This can be seen in his use of locally sourced materials, energy-efficient building schemes, and deep respect for the natural world. His projects customarily incorporated green spaces, reflecting his belief in the importance of integrating nature into urban landscapes.

Our firm’s central values of generative, generous, and regenerative design are founded in Raymond’s ideology and drive us to improve the ways of designing and building with the planet in mind. From projects such as the Halfway House, one of the firms first built projects, to the Canadian War Museum (pictured) whose architectural theme is regeneration, and to the soon to be completed Limberlost Place for George Brown College which will re-write building codes for tall, mass timber buildings, we continue to craft our design practice around sustainable thinking.

“While nature may be ravaged by human acts of war, it inevitably survives, regenerates, and renews itself.”
– Raymond Moriyama

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