Big Lumber on Toronto’s Waterfront – The Globe and Mail

Dave Leblanc of the Globe and Mail gives his account of how Limberlost Place, our ten-storey, mass timber, highly sustainable project currently under construction at George Brown College’s waterfront campus, is shifting the tides of standard building practices in Canada. Pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations – construction and fabrication techniques, structural design, zoning, and efficiency metrics, to name a few – Limberlost Place is rising to meet the Toronto skyline, showing a new face of sustainable architecture.

“Probably the biggest tool we have in the sustainability tool kit is to change culture, to change expectations, to change the way students and people who occupy buildings come to expect their environments to be.”
Carol Phillips, Moriyama & Teshima Architects

The architectural team between Moriyama & Teshima Architects and Acton Ostry Architects are thrilled to see the progress made on site over the past months. Key players in this landmark endeavour include PCL Construction (construction manager), Fast + Epp (Engineering services), and Nordic Structures (mass timber fabrication). Click here to read the full feature!

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