Carol on the Mass Timber Today Podcast

MTA Partner and Sustainability Leader, Carol Phillips, was recently interviewed by Anne Koven, Director at the Mass Timber Institute (a program co-led by the University of Toronto and George Brown College), for the Mass Timber Today Podcast.

Episode 7, entitled “Jill of All Trades – Mastering Collaboration for Architectural Innovation”, explores the potential environmental impacts of increased mass timber adoption, including the effects on forests. Carol shares insights from her work on Limberlost Place, a trailblazing, mass timber, net-zero carbon emissions project currently under construction at George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus (a joint venture between MTA and Acton Ostry Architects). The conversation highlights the significance of sustainability in mass timber construction, the profound human connection to wood both now and throughout history, as well as the involvement of Indigenous communities in resource management.

“You have to respect that when a client has certain budgets, how do you allocate resources effectively when something seems like a premium. I think it’s trying to understand what long-term value is and what the overall impact is.”
– Carol Phillips

Listen by clicking here, or find the episode on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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