Carol Phillips on Canadian Forestry Can Save the World Podcast

Carol Phillips, MTA Partner and Sustainability Expert, was interviewed for the Podcast Series “Canadian Forestry Can Save the World”, a program by The Forest Products Association of Canada and Forestry for the Future. Carol, who is Partner-in-Charge on two of the firm’s most innovative and sustainability-focused building projects, Limberlost Place at George Brown College (JV with Acton Ostry Architects) and the new Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Headquarters, is featured in Episode 6 of Season 2, entitled “Mass Timber at Mass Scale”.

When speaking on the management of mass timber products and building components, Carol states:

“I think that the interesting balance is to start shifting the conversation to a performance-based solution in design – both on the regulatory targets for the environment and on the building code performance.”
– Carol Phillips, Partner, Moriyama Teshima Architects

This episode also includes conversation excerpts with Steven Street and Brock O’Donnell of Wood Works Ontario, Sindu Mahadevan of Michael Green Architecture, Nick Milestone of Mercer International, and Tim Caldecott of FP Innovations.

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