Cathy McMahon on Facades+ Conference

“The more I learn about building and construction, the more I understand the most important and difficult question for architects, builders, designers, and manufacturers today is how to tackle carbon reduction in the construction industry. How much can we control; how can we frame the discussions with clients, trades, and manufacturers to solve a problem with outsized impact on our lives and the lives of those following us.
Kelly Doran, Director of Ha/f Research Studio, has analyzed the design of two projects with high sustainability targets and looked for ways to make them even better. Andrzej Gortat, Principal at ZAS Architects + Interiors, is overseeing the construction of the new mass-timber headquarters for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority with Bulcholz McEvoy Architects. Together, we are deep in the thick of construction issues on low carbon buildings but welcome the chance to reconsider and reinforce the first principles that started off this work. I am looking forward to sharing MTA’s insights on this, and what we’ve done so far that’s worked, and what we’re looking to tackle next.”

– Cathy McMahon, Facades+ Panelist


MTA Associate, Cathy McMahon (pictured), is eager to discuss the construction industry’s consequential effects on climate change, and how responsible design means sustainable design.

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