Conestoga College Centre for Culinary and Hospitality Innovation Wins Tile Award

We are pleased to announce that our joint project with Gow Hastings Architects, the Conestoga College Centre for Culinary and Hospitality Innovation, is the Institutional category winner of the 2022 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition.

This North Campus expansion project located in Waterloo, Ontario, is a vibrant facility boasting highly sophisticated, interactive culinary labs that can be adapted to suit a wide variety of gastronomic teaching methods and exercises. In earning this award, the project was evaluated based upon the innovative use of tile, as well as the degree to which the tile enhanced the setting and the project’s sustainable attributes.

Take a look at the fabulous interior spaces, which used tile patterning and composition to capture the energy of a working kitchen. The design scheme strategically implemented colour in specific areas, as a means of way-finding to distinguish the character of each discipline being taught and practiced within those spaces.

Official Award announcement here.

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