Damineh Dehnadfar on Facades+ Conference

“The current debate about the status of global environmental issues prompts some to believe that architects must sacrifice all aesthetic aspects of architecture that do not meet the standards of sustainability and, where viable, to compensate for that sacrifice by cultivating innovative design solutions.
Kelly Doran from the University of Toronto and ZAS Architects will join us on July 21st at the Facades+ Symposium to champion the issue of embodied carbon. Kelly, Director of Ha/f Research Studio, will share insights on what is needed to reverse increased carbon emission. MTA’s Cathy McMahon and Andrzej Gortat of ZAS Architects will share their insights on how what they have done so far coincides with the essential nature of decision-making in all phases of projects from pre-design to construction.”

– Damineh Dehnadfar, Facades+ Panel Moderator

MTA Architect, Damineh Dehnadfar (pictured), is looking forward to conversing about the changes that need to be made within the construction industry in order to more responsibly control and minimize carbon emissions.
Register to attend the conference here.

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