Limberlost Place to be a “Living Lab” – ConstructConnect

Daily Commercial News by ConstructConnect has released a fantastic article on Limberlost Place, detailing its environmentally-conscious features and revolutionary attributes. As a “Living Lab” for the future School of Architectural Studies, George Brown College students will learn from the project as they occupy the building itself during the school year. It is a precedent of sustainable material resourcing, clean energy production, thermal efficiency, and design innovation by which to study.

The strategy to achieving net zero carbon emissions for Limberlost Place is through reduced consumption of energy. This imperative is integrated in the design of a thermally efficient building envelope, with optimized daylighting and natural ventilation systems, reducing the reliance on mechanical systems. The building form and façade will be shaped to maximize access to natural light and fresh air. Two solar chimneys located on the east and west façades will be used to create a sustainable system of natural convection, drawing air up and through the building from operable windows.

Learn more about this landmark, trailblazing, mass timber project here.

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