Ontario Place for All

“There was a need for a place where we could examine our history, look at our cultural and economic growth and contemplate the challenges of the future. In short, we wanted a place to re-affirm our identity as Ontarians and Canadians”.
– John Robarts, Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario, on the genesis and purpose of Ontario Place (November 3, 1970)

Ontario Place for All is a grassroots organization representing multiple professional disciplines that has come together to ensure that Ontario Place remains faithful to John Robart’s original vision and follows core principles of waterfront revitalization. Most importantly, they are adamant that Ontario Place remain accessible to all.

Ontario Place For All’s team of experts in architecture, urbanism, law, and sustainability, have rendered an alternative proposal for the development of the Ontario Science Centre, located at Don Mills, and Ontario Place, situated at the city’s western lakefront. The design tactics outlined in this report aim to elevate the natural resources and heritage assets we already possess, while making better connections to transit infrastructure and preserving green spaces cherished along the Don Valley and on Toronto’s waterfront. Their motivations are rooted in environmental stewardship, and their proposal is substantiated by cost effectiveness and long-term vitality for the public at large.

We encourage you to visit this link to learn about the full proposition, and why it is important for our future as Torontonians, Ontarians, and Canadians.

Click Here to Reach OP4A's Proposal

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