Carol Phillips on RBC “Disruptors” Podcast

Carol Phillips, sustainability champion at MTA, was recently featured on the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)’s podcast, “Disruptors”, a series about reimagining Canada’s economy in a time of unprecedented change.

During this episode, host John Stackhouse speaks with three sustainable buildings specialists: Carol Philips, Partner and Design Leader, Moriyama Teshima Architects; Brad Carr, CEO of Mattamy Homes; and Sam Ramadori, CEO of BrainBox AI. Carol shared thoughts on subjects such as embodied carbon, responsibly sourced materials, and energy efficiency building design. She discussed how these topics were explored through the case study of Limberlost Place, our award winning, mass timber, highly innovative project with Acton Ostry Architects Inc., which is currently under construction at George Brown College’s waterfront campus in Toronto.

“I welcome the question, where did that wood come from and how is the forest being treated? Because we need to extend that same thinking to every single choice we make if we’re going to live a more sustainable future together with the planet.”
Carol Phillips, MTA

Tune in to Episode 21 of Season 5, entitled “Building Green Part 2: Harnessing High-Tech To Lower Emissions”, to listen to the conversation.

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