David Stone

David Stone

B.Arch.Sci., M.Arch., MRAIC, OAA, LEED AP

Associate, Ottawa

613 562 2908

David Stone brings over 10 years of experience as a designer of a wide variety of public buildings and spaces, including museums, galleries, sports and recreational facilities, academic buildings and development masterplanning. Prior to joining MTA in 2012, David studied, lived and worked from coast-to-coast, gathering relevant project experience in a number of social and environmental contexts across the country. After working in the Northwest Territories for a year, David became particularly interested in issues related to northern development and architecture in extreme climates, completing a subsequent thesis on the subject. David is particularly adept with visualization tools, utilizing a broad range of software packages to provide clients with engaging imagery throughout the design process. He enjoys collaborative work environments, and loves seeing a plan come to fruition.

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