Responsible Building Pact – Join Us!

Moriyama Teshima Architects is proud to be a launch signatory of the Responsible Buildings Pact.

The Responsible Buildings Pact is a voluntary cross-industry agreement aimed at ensuring that we as builders, designers, engineers, contractors, and other AEC professionals consistently use low carbon materials, whenever it makes sense to do so. It is a way to work closely with our collaborators to reduce risk and create a platform for shared learning and accountability.

Getting to net-zero will require concerted effort, and we are proud to stand with the Climate Start Buildings Alliance in this initiative, as well as the other current members of the signatory group. In its first year, the Pact signatories will pilot test new consideration and reporting processes on a limited number of projects (only focusing on concrete). The pilot will operate following the pilot Terms of Reference, while a more formal agreement is developed to guide the initiative in 2025 and beyond.

To learn more and join us, please click here.

[Pictured: MTA Partner, Brian Rudy, representing Moriyama Teshima Architects by attending the Canadian Green Building Council Conference yesterday, at which the Responsible Buildings Pact was signed.]

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