West Memorial Building Construction in 2022

As we ease toward the start of 2023, MTA wishes to reflect on the progress made at the West Memorial Building construction site throughout this past year.

The overall intent for this project is to rehabilitate the existing heritage building to contemporary standards to meet new federal workplace requirements. As part of the Long-Term Vision Plan for the Parliamentary and Judicial precincts in Ottawa, the West Memorial Building will house the Supreme Court of Canada for 5 to 7 years. As such, the base building approach for the project addresses both the short-term use as the Supreme Court of Canada as well as the long-term use as a Government of Canada workplace. This facility has stringent criteria for functionality, security, sustainability, and heritage.

Photographer Salina Kassam did an excellent job capturing the dynamic nature of this major refurbishment in downtown Ottawa, as seen in the following photographs of the interior spaces.

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