Will Klassen Presents at IDS Toronto

We are excited to share some highlights from the Interior Design Show (IDS) last week, where Will Klassen, MTA Associate, delivered an insightful presentation on mass timber design and construction with Samantha Jarvis (Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada – Forest Service), Mani Mani (Founder, AALine), and Dina Sarharne (Founder, DS Studio Inc)!

The panel discussion, “The Economy of Mass Timber”, served as an invaluable platform for the audience to gain a holistic understanding of the current dynamics and future trajectory of the Canadian timber economy. Will spoke about our firm’s mass timber projects including the new Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) Headquarters and Limberlost Place at George Brown College, both of which under construction in Toronto.

“We have this venn diagram of: the climate emergency, the housing crisis, and the potential to work with the communities that manage forests – and how mass timber fits right in the middle.”
– Will Klassen, MTA Associate

Thank you to all those who attended the presentation and kudos to each of the four presenters – it was an engaging session!

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