Will Klassen Speaking on Mass Timber at Interior Design Show

MTA Associate, Will Klassen, is presenting next week at the Interior Design Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!

The Economy of Mass Timber”, a panel discussion involving Will, Samantha Jarvis (Policy Analyst, NRCAN-Canadian Forest Service), Mani Mani (Founder, AALine), and Dina Sarharne (Founder, DS Studio), will provide insights on the future of the Canadian timber industry, including its potential for growth, job creation, and environmental stewardship. The session will also facilitate a thought-provoking dialogue on the intersections of design, architecture, policy, and sustainability within the timber sector.

We encourage you to join in this special presentation on Friday, January 19thbeginning at 9:00AM in Room 201 D. Register to attend by clicking here.

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