Café Toward Equity in Architecture Event

Do not miss this week’s “Towards Equity in Architecture” program, an initiative led by the Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA). This pan-Canadian series aims to assess, bridge, converse, and deliver on equity in architecture, and is open to all students, faculty and communities associated with Canada’s University schools of architecture. Each lecture will include a panel discussion and conversation.

MTA Partner, Emmanuelle van Rutten, is a featured speaker on Saturday October 1st at 11AM (EST), on Equity in Research & Practice with Natalia Escobar Castrillon and Omeasoo Wahpasiw of Carleton University, and Lisa Landrum of the University of Manitoba.

The Canadian Architecture Forums on Education (CAFÉs) are part of an ongoing outreach project launched in 2019 to discuss and debate the role of architectural education and research in shaping the country’s future. The initiative involves all 12 Canadian schools of architecture and their extended communities.

Check out the full schedule of proceedings here.

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