Carol Phillips on Facades+ Conference

“To have meaningful impact on urgent issues of our time – the climate emergency and decolonization – building design must not only adapt and innovate, but aspire to change the culture and expectations of all those involved in the shaping our built environment. This includes all those involved in the act of building and design, as well as the end users. Architecture can influence daily lives and behaviours; architects, builders, engineers, designers and clients not only have responsibility, but agency, in shifting cultural expectations.
We are pleased to co-chair this conference with the intention to open the conversation, share knowledge, and bring the design community together in our collective efforts to change the future. I am particularly honoured to moderate the panel that will include Brian Porter of TwoRow Architects and Eladia Smoke of Smoke Architecture, and look forward to a conversation about the role of the façade in decolonizing our communities.”
Carol Phillips, Facades+ Featured Speaker

MTA Partner, Carol Phillips (pictured), will be opening the conference with an introductory speech on building facades and their role in architectural design and sustainability, which will set the tone for the entire day’s line-up of presentations and discussions. Questions around embodied carbon, energy efficiency, and Indigenous design in facades will be evaluated.

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