MTA Mass Timber Projects in Toronto Life Magazine

Limberlost Place at George Brown College’s waterfront campus, our joint project with Acton Ostry Architects, and the new Ontario Secondary School Teacher’s Federation Headquarters project in the Bermondsey neighbourhood of Toronto were recently included in Toronto Life Magazine.

This article, which calls attention to the large strides being taken in the way of sustainable architecture within the GTA, highlights these two mass-timber projects as prime examples of the innovative, resource efficient, and environmentally conscious way of designing & building of which we are all hoping to see more throughout the next coming years.

MTA Partner Carol Phillips offered her insights on the subject of timber application in building design, and its implications on the fight against climate change:

“In a climate emergency, we have no other path forward but to build with sustainability in mind . . As we work to reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere, timber — and its fabrication— is currently our most responsible option.”

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