Luis Quezada

Luis Quezada

M.Arch, OAA

Intern Architect

Luis Quezada is an Architectural Designer with eight years of professional experience and a diverse portfolio spanning mixed-use developments, institutional projects, and healthcare facilities. His roles as a Designer, BIM Manager, and Project Manager have equipped him with a multifaceted skill set. Since joining MTA, he has contributed as an Architectural Designer to the Canada Pavilion Competition for the Expo Dubai 2020, and the Honey Bee Research Centre for the University of Guelph Competition. He is currently working on the De La Salle Student Hub project as well as the University of Waterloo Mathematics 4 Building.

His journey commenced with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Talca in Chile and culminated in a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto, along with a Diploma in BIM Coordination. His interest in programming led him to do a Masters in Programming, reflecting his dedication to continuous learning and professional growth. Luis’s active engagement in the architectural community is reflected in his membership with the Colegio de Arquitectos of Chile.

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