Canadian Architect Releases Editorial: Building Resiliency

Canadian Architect Magazine recently published this fabulous article entitled, “Editorial: Building Resiliency”. It is a provocative piece on low carbon solutions in building design, with a nod to MTA and our recent lectures on Limberlost Place at George Brown College’s Waterfront Campus.

““How can we be growing the things that clad our buildings rather than extracting them from halfway around the world?”
Cathy McMahon, Moriyama & Teshima Architects

Limberlost Place will serve as precedent from which building scientists, architects, engineers, and others within the AEC industry can learn – innovative features such as materiality, carbon sequestration, and energy efficiency. The structure, a non-proprietary system perfected by Fast + Epp, is composed of a beamless system that achieves nine-metre column-free spans.

When speaking of this approach, MTA Principal Phil Silverstein impressed: “Anyone in Canada can use this”.

Read the full text here.

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